With a slim majority in the Dutch parliament agreed to regulate Cannabis cultivation agreed this Tuesday at the proposal of D66. During a call vote, a majority of 77 MP's voted for the bill.

It's been forty years waiting and talking about the confusing situation of cannabis cultivation and buying is illegal, but selling is tolerated.

The idea behind the proposal is to reduce crime around cannabis cultivation and hopes that it will be easier to pay taxes coffeeshops.
D66 thinks that regulation of cannabis cultivation is better for human health. As long as the sale of Cannabis happens out of sight of the government, the user has no clear idea of ​​what is 'inside'.

Cannabis would then only be cultivated by farms/companies which are controlled by the government. Coffee shops can only buy their product through these farms.

D66 sees it as a government task products are used as responsibly and safely as possible. Forbidding Cannabis completely, is impossible, according to the party.

"This is an important step to end a stalemate that has lasted far too long..." says D66 MP and author of the proposal Vera Bergkamp in a comment.

Until the last minute it was exciting to see whether the '2e Kamer' would endorse the D66 plan. A majority was subject to the vote of other small splinter parties and one-man groups.

During the legislative treatment last week, it was the Christian parties who wanted to know nothing of regulating Marijuana. The government must do everything to keep addictive substances from society, find the CDA and the Christian Union. The VVD is especially critical of the possible interrelationship between the government and organized crime.

The law must still be passed by the Senate. But as a majority, is unknown.

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