Medicinal Information

In cannabis there are a lot of active substances. The exact activity of these substances is unkown. The most important substances are measured in the laboratory. The substances are dronabinol and cannabidiol. Of all the other substances a fingerprint is made to verify that all these substances are present in the cannabis in the same amount every time.

Since 2005 Bedrocan BV is the only company contracted by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport for the growth and production of medicinal Cannabis. Cannabis Flos Bedrocan®, Bedrobinol®, Bediol® and Bedica® can be prescribed by doctors for both humans and animals.

The THC-level of Bedrocan© is constant around 22 %. The CBD-level is lower as1%. This product is available as Cannabis Flos variety Bedrocan®.

All varieties are guaranteed free of pesticides and heavy metals. It is also purged of any micro organisms. Bedrocan, Bedrobinol and Bediol are supplied in packages of 5 grams only. Distributor is Fagron Pharmaceuticals in Nieuwekerk aan de IJssel. Cannabis Flos variations Bedrocan is is a medical substance registered under Dutch law.

(Dronabinol is the official name of the substance also known as THC).

Cannabis Flos - Bedrocan
(Medicinal cannabis from The Netherlands: Cannabis flos variety SIMM 18)

Possible effectiveness:
There are a lot of diseases mentioned where cannabis could be beneficial. In many cases there is no scientifically proof of effectiveness. The Office of Medicinal Cannabis (OMC) states that at the following disorders a faire chance of effect can be expected of cannabis.

  • Spasticity with pain, for instance at
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Spinal cord injury
  • Nausea and vomiting by
    • Chemotherapy
    • Radiotherapy
    • Treatment with HIV-medication
  • Chronic neuralgic pain
  • Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome
  • Palliative treatment of cancer and HIV/AIDS

In most cases the evidence is limited to individual experiences. So don't put your expectations to high. A physician may prescribe cannabis for different indications than above. Read more on:

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